As Wild As .

UK not-for-profit organisation supporting lion and wildlife conservation in Africa and animal welfare causes in the UK, formed in November 2014. We draw inspiration from volunteer and bush experiences, as well as the fight to keep the ever reducing wild environment for the creatures and nature that exist there.

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As Wild As is a UK not-for-profit organisation supporting lion, endangered species and their habitat throughout Africa

With animals and their habitats under constant threat from human intervention and the encroaching spread of population and industry, if we don’t act now then it will all be lost.

Our specialist focus is on keeping conservation projects going and reserve management effective where funds have run out or emergency situations have arisen and help is needed urgently to resolve a situation and get things back on track protecting animals and the people protecting them and the local community.

As Wild As and its partners have achieved results and funding that has already started to make a difference. Wildlife Conservation is a complex issue that’s starting to get the necessary media coverage, both good and bad, to raise awareness and ensure that these animals and their habitat do not disappear from our lives.

Our aim is to help where we can, but we need assistance. If you think you can help contact us.

How your money is spent

People are concerned that any donations or sponsorship to provide conservation assistance don’t get to the the projects and people on the ground and funds are lost in politics and corruption.

As Wild As takes no salaries, all expenses are covered personally and admin costs are limited to necessary materials only so that all profits, monies raised go directly to the nominated projects.

We physically buy what is required, when we can and deliver it to where it’s needed. Your Funds go to help conservation 100%

That’s our promise.

Raising Funds for on the ground Resources

The funds raised by As Wild As will help to equip the teams on the ground with the tools and technology required to do their jobs better. Equipment such as satellite and GPRS technology, better equipped vehicles and any other tools and resources required for day-to-day tasks.

Increasing Awareness

We encourage registered scientific research and publication of the data, and access to data by students.

Southern Africa and UK

This year we plan to develop new partnerships with domestic UK causes and animal welfare charities, and we are currently looking to form associations with local organisations in both Hertfordshire and the Isle of Wight.