David Oates – As Wild As Founder

Having spent many years, too many in fact, in a corporate world of meaningless and endless days not making any difference to anyone or anything, I thought it was time to make a change. I had been volunteering for several years in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana gradually realizing that there was a difference I could make using the few skills I had gained in my time in business. I am now focusing on looking for other people that can help me and my partners, if you love wildlife have a desire to do something different you can work with us, Open to ideas and options and all help needed.

I take no salary and pay all my own expenses to ensure all the funds raised go to conservation, the funding then goes directly to the people on the ground, nothing is spent on administration or anyones salary.

​With As Wild As I want to grow awareness and hence grow support whether monetary or resource wise here in the UK to help domestic causes and those of the wildlife in Southern Africa. Talks to Schools, Colleges and Clubs on what is happening and how we can help is my aim. Support those brave people who work on the ground and make their jobs easier and help the animals survive is all I can do … so lets do it!

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