Walking for Lions

Walking for Lions started during 2012 with the aim to be the difference. The name ‘Walking for Lions’ was chosen to illustrate how one can make a difference and to be an example. It shows dedication towards the protection of wild lions and that one can achieve a lot with a small budget.  WFL is a consultant organization that assists where we are needed but have been setting up our research base in a small village in Botswana named Pandamatenga since 2014.

Currently, Walking for Lions is working on a Carnivore Survey in Nyae Nyae Conservancy in North Eastern Namibia, in the Northern Kalahari with the San People to establish the wildlife populations as part of a wider project to establish Sustainable Tourism into the area and provide a future platform for the indigenous San people to repatriate the area and make its peoples park as well as establishing wildlife corridors connecting Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.