Our focus is on raising funds for and increasing awareness of the deteriorating habitat of all wildlife but especially endangered species and their habitats.

As Wild As is focussing on a current gap in typical conservation models. The unexpected and typically unfunded needs of many on-the-ground projects :

The emergency situation, broken equipment that hampers or stalls activity

A project that needs extending to provide crucial data/research- no funding

unforeseen equipment crucial to the projects success

Situations that may put animals, staff or the community in danger, that cant wait !

As Wild As started with a focus on several reserves in KwaZuluNatal in North East South Africa, commonly known as Zululand. Tembe Elephant Park, Ndumo Game Reserve, Zululand Rhino Reserve, Thande, Phinda and Mkhuze have all benefitted from additional help with emergency needs or unbudgeted/unforeseen requirements. This includes the careful managing and maintaining of habitat, including protection from hunting and poaching, and providing the teams and staff on the ground with the tools and equipment necessary to help them to be as efficient and effective as possible.In addition, in resolving the Wildlife/Human conflict issues it is essential that working with and involving the local communities happens too. In doing so we will establish a balance for both animals and humans to live side by side.

In 2018 AWA will be expanding into other geographic regions where similar needs exist, projects in Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia are now under consideration and will start to appear in our portfolio of projects that need help working with new partners. Namibia is our latest project very much aligned with cultural and the needs of the local indigenous San People, our focus with Walking for Lions is in assessing the large mammal population and its capacity for more sustainable tourism for the San people

A vast majority of current funding in the area of Conservation and endangered species protection goes towards campaigning against hunting and changing legislation to protect the animals.

The funds raised by As Wild As will equip the teams on the ground with the tools and technology required to do their jobs better. Equipment such as satellite and GPRS technology, better equipped vehicles and many other tools and resources required for day-to-day tasks. We will be funding project by project, reacting to daily wildlife activity and defending against poaching, as well as providing support to local community issues and conflicts. We expect a diversity of needs for endangered animals, other wildlife and local community and will help where appropriate and with agreement from all parties.

We encourage registered scientific research and publication of the data, and access to data by students. As Wild As is now a member of the African Lion Working Group whilst also guided by the Lion Management Forum and Lion Biodiversity Management Plan for wild and managed wild lions in South Africa. We stay clear of captive bred lions and lion park lions. We also aim to support and be proactive in the increasing of wild and protected areas for lions conservation through community support and where the communities benefit.

To raise awareness in the UK, As Wild As has introduced a Wildlife Conservation campaign for Schools and Colleges to show how we can help and what needs to be done, we relate this to Travel, Sustainable Tourism and environmental impact. If you are interested in us attending and talking to your students please let us know at enquiries@aswildas.co.uk

Current projects we are working on will include working with other organisations on the ground such as Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Walking for Lions, Wild Tomorrow Fund and Conservation Conversation. However we hope to build on this and develop new partnerships with domestic UK causes and animal welfare charities. If you think we can help or you would like to work with us enquiries@aswildas.co.uk