Wildlife Sustainable Tourism Project – Namibia

One of the projects that As Wild As is looking to help the ‘Walking for Lions’ team in 2019 and 2020. This project survey is focussed on determining the carrying capacity of potential Lion populations in the Nyae Nyae pans in Bushmansland, North East Namibia, in the northern Kalahari Desert Region.

Walking for Lions is working with the Ministry of Environment Namibia and Kwando Carinivore Research. Currently undertaking a huge spoor survey  followed by a camera trap survey to get all the correct data and information. This will then be used on developing this community based land and long term would be to promote eco-cultural tourism with more wildlife.


Any funds raised will go towards the running of the project on the ground, Camera Traps, Tracker wages, Fuel, etc     Thank You for your support

Rhino Orphanage Support

Currently Kwa Zulu Natal is facing its sternest test to protect and save Rhino from indiscriminate poaching that has increased dramatically in the past 18 months. In addition to help saving the rhinos by dehorning or relocating, there is inevitably casualties left behind, the baby rhinos whose mothers are killed for their horn.

We are helping to support both Rhino Orphanages supported by the Zululand Rhino Reserve Foundation, whilst they need many aspects of day to day maintenance, fencing, basic kitchen equipment and rhino handlers expenses, As Wild As is looking to provide the basic feeding costs for Teff/Lucern (grass) bales, Denkavit Milk Powder, Vitamins and Glucose powder.

Any donations and all help is appreciated