Wildlife Conservation – Ethical vs Unethical

Wildlife Conservation provides lots of opportunities to extend your understanding of conservation through volunteering on projects and programs that genuinely contribute to Conservation of environment and the wildlife that habits it.

Whether it is specific to a particular species or just generic conservation of their habitat and homes, there are lots of opportunity to do so, both in Southern Africa and beyond in Europe and even in the UK. This has been a growing industry for many years now and with it’s growing popularity to students, Gap Year and mature travellers and conservationists it has unfortunately spawned opportunist Commercial enterprises to see this as a means of making money feeling both theHunting industry and unethical wildlife farming.

It is therefore important that if you are looking to experience this type of travel, gap year, internship you know what you are getting involved in and where your money is going and how it benefits conservation.

As Wild As has put together a list of ethical organisations that we have either personally experienced or worked with over the years. Also we have put together a few links of questions to ask and things to look for if you are considering volunteering.

Your Guide to Ethical vs Unethical Volunteering

Please follow these links and see what experiences are on offer. Volunteer Responsibly.


Our favourite as wildvolunteers.com is part of the group of charity organisations that As Wild As was initiated from, a real experience run from both Uk and South Africa and in many ways a complete experience for anyone in Travel, Tourism, Animal Care study or just a passion for Wildlife


The organisation that As Wild As started with Endangered Species, well run, well organised and entirely volunteer funded organisation that has many great projects in Southern Africa and beyond.


A more generic third party organisation but good ethical volunteering, a much wider variety of projects and a little pricier


My first experience in Botswana over 12 years ago. All diverse wildlife animal projects , a very ethical organisation and well organised, again a bit pricier but very informative and a good introduction to volunteering

Archelon – Greek Sea Turtle Protection

An opportunity to volunteer nearer to home in Europe. An extremely well run and organised experience protecting Sea turtle and their nesting sites throughout the Greek Peninsular and islands. Stay for 2 weeks to 4 months, relatively inexpensive