Ndumo Game Reserve – Water Supplies and Solar Panels

As a result of the drought conditions in KwaZuluNatal and the problems with the pump and water supply from the Pongola River, the staff at Ndumo Game Reserve have to go and get water in tankers which involves a 30 mile round trip each time. Normally, two tankers are available however , one tanker has been out of service as no budget was available for new tyres and piping. As Wild As stepped in during this emergency and being on the ground provided the funds to buy the new tyres and pipes as well as getting the tanker in a fit state with necessary soldering.

Incidentally, whilst also at Ndumo, a Solar Panel essential for aspects of running the reserve was stolen ! In order that the staff could carry on without disruption As Wild As did a 300 mile round trip in 24 hours to replace the lost panel.


As Wild As also purchased a new printer used by the conservation manager for printing all his documents from Rhino IDs, work schedules, and important notices.

It’s incidents like this that we are there for, the emergencies that are unbudgeted and unexpected, but we are pleased that we can make a difference. Thank you to all who have helped to date.

Staff showing off new pipeOld leaky pipe