As Wild As – Conservation Talks 2018

Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Talks – UK Colleges and Universities

As Wild As continues to try and spread awareness of the conservation projects and issues on the ground to travel, tourism, aviation and animal management students to help improve understanding of the status of conservation in Southern Africa today.

Already in 2018 we have attended and lectured to

London Metropolitan University

West Thames CollegeĀ 

West Herts College

With further dates planned for this academic year please let us know if you are interested in bringing us in to seek to your students, the talks are free, a donation to As Wild As is much appreciated but our overall objective is just to give some experience of what is actually happening on the ground rather than exaggerated and sometimes incorrect media coverage on the issues.

We can adapt our talks/discussions to students depending on the subject matters, conservation plays a significant role in many aspects of economy, politics and industry as well as highlighting many social issues. We also provide background and advise on Volunteering opportunities for students looking at internships and Gap Year travelling.

Call or message us for more information – 44 7780693048


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