Latest As Wild As News – Spring 2017

So here we are into the spring of 2017 and the needs and requirements of those continuing to preserve wildlife in Southern Africa continue. Kwa Zulu Natal continues to come under increased pressure from Poachers and criminals intent on benefiting from the proceeds from Wildlife crime making the job increasingly harder to address. Our support is needed more than ever to equip and help those teams in the Ezemvelo managed reserves as well as Private reserves.

As Wild As will be participating in some activities and talks in South Africa In March to establish the next projects and moves forward. So just a few headlines of things to expect and look for over then first half of 2017:

  • As Wild As will continue its program of Conservation talks and lectures to Colleges and Universities in the UK to improve awareness and relate conservation efforts to Environmental and Travel industries
  • Fundraiser on 2nd May 2017 at West Herts College, Watford , South African Taster Menu, South African Wines, Conservation Talk – details shortly
  • ‘Eric’ the Elephant night – Fundraiser – Crab and Lobster, Ventnor – Date and details to be confirmed
  • Exciting news on As Wild As partnerships/associations with both Wild Tomorrow Fund and Walking for Lions
  • As Wild As 3rd Annual Golf Day – August/September 2017 date to be confirmed

So keep looking and following us as we endeavour to spread the word and help those that protect our animals and habitat



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