College and University Talks – 2018

Conservation Talks to Tourism, Travel & Animal Management Students

As Wild As is continuing it’s program of talks to College and University students during 2018.

With on-going mixed messages in both Commercial Media and Social Media we feel its important to give a view from a hands-on feet on the ground perspective. Relating Wildlife Conservation to Sustainable Tourism and advising what opportunities there are in Animal Conservation to Animal Management students is hopefully both interesting and rewarding to the Students themselves.

Now that As Wild As is also partnered with we are also able to potentially offer an introduction to the students for future paths and experiences. So we talk about the difference between Ethical and Unethical Volunteering and ensuring if this is something of interest, how to go about it and what questions to ask.

Great response from the students, they are the future, Good Luck and if your College or University is interested in a talk please let me know

Many Thanks to

South Thames College, Isle of Wight College, West Thames College, West Herts College, Uxbridge College, Capel Manor College, Mid Kent College.

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